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Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth with Effective Remedies

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth with Effective Remedies

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth with Effective Remedies
16 May 2024

Do you have stained and discoloured teeth? If yes, then there are some effective remedies which can help to whiten teeth. Make sure when you select at-home whitening products in order to prevent damaging teeth and removing the enamel. This might put you at greater risk for cavities and sensitivity. There may be slight change in your teeth colour which takes place gradually. Some yellow colour seems to be unavoidable.

Teeth can appear dark or yellow due to age. When the outer enamel wears away, the yellow dentin beneath become more visible. Let us discuss your best options for getting rid of yellow teeth and whitening them in a safe way. 

Suitable remedies to get rid of yellow teeth

Here are seven natural options for getting rid of yellow teeth.

  1. Brush teeth often

The first plan of action should be to brush teeth often in the right way. It is necessary that you brush after consuming foods and drinks which cause yellow teeth. Stay careful with the brushing technique as it can make acids brush away teeth enamel, leading to erosion.

Brush teeth at least two times in a day and for 2 minutes regularly. Make sure you get into all the crevices and cracks and brush gently in a circular motion to protect the gums. Brush the inside, outside, and chewing teeth surface properly.

Brushing by using whitening toothpaste can whiten your smile as they have mild abrasive for scrubbing teeth and eliminating surface stains. Using electric toothbrush may be more effective in getting rid of surface stains.

  1. Coconut oil pulling

Coconut oil pulling can eliminate bacteria and plaque from the mouth, which helps to whiten teeth. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. Never let the oil touch your throat back and do not swallow oil as it contains bacteria and toxins from your mouth.

Spit it in a wastepaper basket or into the toilet as it can clog the drains. Rinse mouth with water and then drink full glass of water before brushing your teeth.

According to a study, oil pulling with sunflower oil and sesame oil can lessen the problem of gingivitis due to plaque. Oil pulling can leave a whitening effect on the teeth, as the buildup of plaque may cause teeth to become yellow.

  1. Eat vegetables and fruits with high water content

Eating raw vegetables and fruits with high water content may keep the teeth healthy. The water content is cleanse your teeth and gums of bacteria and plaque causing yellow teeth.Try to chew on crunchy fruits and vegetables at the end of a meal to improve the production of saliva. This can remove food particles stuck in the teeth and wash away harmful acids.

Taking a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is beneficial for your dental and overall health. Eating these healthy foods throughout the day will not cause any harm. Having deficiency of Vitamin C may increase the severity of periodontitis. Higher levels of vitamin C can decrease the amount of plaque causing your teeth to become yellow.

According to studies, toothpaste which contain bromelain and papain extract can remove the stains. Papain is an enzyme present in papaya and bromelain is an enzyme present in pineapple.

Causes of yellow teeth

There are many factors that can make teeth become yellow. Some of these include:

  • certain foods or drinks, such as tea, coffee, blueberries or red wine
  • carbohydrates and diet high in sugar
  • dental trauma
  • chewing tobacco
  • smoking
  • excessive consumption of fluoride
  • side effects of mouthwashes and certain medications
  • lack of saliva production or extreme dry mouth
  • age as old people are more likely to get yellow teeth
  • genetics
  • improper dental care and oral hygiene

There are different at-home options you can try out to whiten teeth. You will have to stay cautious as you can damage the enamel or gums, leading to cavities and sensitivity. The best way to get your teeth whitened is by avoiding stains before they occur, going for routine checkups and practicing good oral hygiene habits. You need to book an appointment for teeth whitening at Smile 4 U dental clinic and get rid of stains.

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