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Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist in Bromley


Adental hygienist is the professional who will keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Our dental hygienists work to treat and to avoid gum disease. The focusis onpreventing gum disease which is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. You need to see a hygienist and dentist once every 6 months to maintain good oral health.

When you don’t have good dental hygiene, it can cause painful symptoms such as – bleeding gums, stained teeth, receding gums, loose teeth and bad breath.

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During the treatment consultation

  • Discuss all any oral concerns.
  • Ask about suitable treatment options.
  • Enquire about our fees and different financing options.
  • Select an affordable treatment plan.

Different treatments offered by our hygienist

  • Scale and polish

    With scale and polish treatment, our hygienist removes calculus from your teeth which, if left, may lead to tooth decay or gum disease, when not treated on time. By thorough polishing, they remove unwanted stains that give your teeth a fresh lookand brighter smile.

  • Gum disease

    Gum disease is the common reason why adults lose their teeth. The dental hygienist will lookfor any signs of gum disease such as an accumulation of plaque, calculusand bleeding gums. When gum disease is not treated, it may lead toperiodontitis which is more severe form of gum disease and leads to tooth loss.

  • Bad breath

    Bad breath, also called halitosis, occurs due to the presence of bacteria inside your mouth. The dental hygienist will clean your mouth thoroughly and discuss your diet and lifestyle that can help to solve bad breath.

  • Proper mouthcleaning

    The hygienist cleans your teeth more effectively thanyou can using a regular brush. We use special tools for cleaning hard-to-reach spots where your toothbrush cannot easily reach. We also give advice on how you should brush and floss daily for maintaining the bestdental health and hygiene.

The benefits of seeing a dental hygienist at Smile4U in Bromley

  • To restore your attractive smile

    The dental hygienist will give a thorough scale and polish of your teeth for regaining brighter smile.

  • To treat and prevent bad breath

    A hygienist gives your teeth a proper clean to get rid of bacteria in your mouth. This can be a reason for halitosis.

  • To prevent the problem of gum disease

    Our hygienist can help in treating mild symptoms of gum disease known as gingivitis.

  • To eliminate plaque from the teeth

    If there is anaccumulation of plaque on the teeth, then this can lead to tooth decay, oral cavities and tooth loss.

  • Improve your health condition

    Your dental health is related to your general health and by taking proper care of your teeth and gums, you may prevent severe problems such as heart disease and cancer from developing.

Twice-daily brushing and flossing are the best way to rid your teeth and gums of the daily build-up of plaque, but a hygienist has special tools and training to deep clean the teeth and remove tartar, too.

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“The hygienist is lovely and took great time and care to undertake a scale and polish.”


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