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Orthodontics in Bromley


If you suffer from a bad ‘bite’ or malocclusion – essentially when the jaws and teeth are misaligned – then orthodontic treatment can be used to align the teeth, creating a better bite and straighter smile. Straightening teeth is not always done for aesthetic reasons, rather it is often necessary in order to reduce the likelihood of tooth damage or strained jaw muscles, which can occur when the teeth don’t meet properly. At Smile 4 U in Bromley, our orthodontist will discuss possible treatment paths with you if you want straighter teeth.

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Invisalign® in South East London

There’s no need to worry about appearance with Invisalign® braces as they are made of clear plastic, making them virtually impossible to see. As well as being discreet, the braces can be easily removed for eating and drinking, brushing your teeth or for that special, more personal occasion.

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Diagnosis and treatment planning

A full orthodontic assessment is the starting point in the journey towards a straighter smile and takes into account three main elements: facial, skeletal and dental. Before we set out a treatment plan for you, your dentist will consider the teeth irregularities in this wider context.

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Achieving a straighter smile in Bromley

We understand how much a straighter smile can boost your confidence. Whether you’ve always had crooked teeth or just want that perfect smile for your wedding day, our high-quality orthodontic service works with you to achieve well-aligned teeth in as gentle and effective a way as possible.

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Root canal treatment

Braces or no braces?

Smile 4 U in Chislehurst is a proud user of the highly popular and well proven Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth painlessly and discreetly, so you needn’t worry about unsightly, fixed metal braces. Dental impressions are taken of your teeth at your initial consultation and a series of clear aligners subsequently made. A set of aligners should be worn for 20–22 hours a day for two–three weeks. After that, an adjusted set will be given to you to wear for the same period. The sets gradually change as the teeth change in alignment. The average treatment time is around 12 months for adults, depending on the treatment required. A great advantage of the Invisalign® system as a treatment is the spreading of cost, which can be paid for monthly.

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“I'm having Invisalign treatment and it's working really well. The dentist is a total professional and a lovely person.”


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